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7-Axes Robots With Extended Reach Added to the Portfolio

7-Axes Robots With Extended Reach Added to the Portfolio

Danish firm Kassow Robots has added two more models to its product portfolio. With its 1.80-m robot arm – giving it an extended reach in the cobot market – the KR 1805 opens up completely new applications for customers in industry. Thanks in part to its 7th axis, which allows it to reach around corners, a single cobot can now look after all the stacking and labelling tasks for Europallets, e.g. The KR 1410 impresses with a reach of 1.40 m and a payload of 10 kg – a strong combination in the lightweight robotics market. This opens up a wide range of applications for human-robot collaboration (HRC), including in sectors such as the metal industry where high payloads are essential.

The Kassow Robots product family now includes four 7-axes cobots: the KR 810 (reach 850 mm/payload 10kg) and KR 1205 (1200 mm/ 5kg), both introduced in 2019, and the two models currently launching: KR 1805 (1800 mm/ 5 kg) and KR 1410 (1400 mm/10 kg).


Source: Kassow Robots ApS

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