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KTR developing a high-speed coupling

KTR developing a high-speed coupling

KTR developed a new shaft coupling for drives with severely high speeds. The backlash-free and flexible Rotex GS HP achieves peripheral speeds up to 175 metres per second and is available in three sizes for the time being. The main fields of application are machine tools as well as measurement and test bench technology. KTR will introduce the coupling for the first time on the occasion of this year’s EMO in Hanover. „Couplings having an open shape soon reach their limits with high-speed drives“, Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Deister, Product Manager of KTR, explains. „The centrifugal forces becoming effective here heavily deform coupling hubs and spider. In this way tensions that are generated are increased and the maximum speed of the coupling is limited.“ The recently developed Rotex GS HP has a circular and closed design. In this way the radial deformation of the hub geometry is reduced. Apart from that KTR does without a spider with this coupling generation. Individual elastomers are embedded between the cams instead. They are kept in their position and shape by the closed design of the coupling, even with peripheral speeds up to 175 metres per second. The large number of elastomer segments transmitting the torque reduces the surface pressure on every single elastomer. This allows for transmitting high torques with a small outside diameter of the coupling. As an example, size 38 has an outside diameter of 80 mm transmitting torques up to 400 Nm with a speed of 40,000 RPM. Apart from that the backlash-free high-speed coupling has very compact dimensions. As a result the driving and driven shaft can be pushed together to a few millimetres. This allows the design engineer to keep the mounting space short. With the connection of the coupling hubs on the shafts KTR relies on the proven frictionally engaged clamping ring hubs. The new Rotex GS HP is available in three sizes. Another three sizes are intended to be included in the product portfolio in the first quarter of 2018. Fields of application are machine tools as well as measurement and test bench technology along with turbine technology and special machinery.

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