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Low-Deck Trailer Still in Use After 56 Years

Low-Deck Trailer Still in Use After 56 Years

From 1964 to 2000, E. Flückiger AG used a low-deck trailer from Scheuerle for transporting construction machinery. The fully restored, robust low-bed vehicle is still on the road 56 years later and demonstrates just how durable and robust the vehicle technology “Made in Pfedelbach” is.

In 1964, Fritz Flückiger, the then head of E. Flückiger AG (FLAG) based in Rothrist in the Swiss canton of Aargau, purchased a T3641L low-bed trailer from Scheuerle, now a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family. With the vehicle from the production facility in Pfedelbach, the Swiss transport company transported construction vehicles to a range of destinations.

After impressive 36 years, Heinrich Flückiger – Fritz Flückiger’s son had meanwhile taken over the running of FLAG – sent the robust vehicle into a well-earned retirement. However, the thinking was that the tried and tested transporter should not simply be written off.

The trailer was finally completely overhauled whilst particular attention was paid to the details – 56 years, including 36 years in the demanding construction and waste disposal business, obviously will leave no commercial vehicle unscathed. The FLAG employees needed less than two months to strip down the vehicle and then restore it to virtually to the condition it was in when it was originally delivered.

Source: TII Group

Picture Source: Roland Schöni/FLAG

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