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Magnet for the needle in a haystack

Magnet for the needle in a haystack

Plant data model meets smart search engine

Whether the search is initiated based on a maintenance request from the operation or for the re-use of verified solutions, modules, services or sub-projects, or for quicken agile and accurate technical quotation generation: having the relevant information accurately and immediately available in the era of big data can be decisive for a company’s success. The German software developer Aucotec AG and the U.S. AI expert Quicklogix, Inc. have teamed up to significantly accelerate the search of engineering details within big data containers. Aucotec will be introducing the solution for the first time at the Hannover Messe (Hanover Trade Fair).

The novel solution is based on Aucotec’s platform Engineering Base (EB). Thanks to its cross-disciplinary plant model in a central database as a source of big data, EB can provide all information in a targeted manner and without system disruptions, also via Web. Furthermore, the platform can be integrated into any IT environment.

Quicklogix, whose founders are from renowned institutions like MIT, has contributed a search engine which, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), can interpret unstructured queries in common language. Thus even without expert knowledge, searches yield accurate and relevant results. Configurable algorithms access in a web-based manner either EB directly or the data layer of Quicklogix in which EB is embedded.

“Especially companies that have already documented hundreds of projects can save valuable time. As well as Operators who have to have millions of pieces of data available to ensure that their plant always runs perfectly,” explained Aucotec Executive Officer Uwe Vogt (picture). According to him, the solution is like a strong magnet that instantly attracts the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Source: Aucotec

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