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Motor Platform with In-Line Gearmotor

Motor Platform with In-Line Gearmotor

The first products of the Evox geared motor platform by Bonfiglioli are the new Helical In-Line Gearmotor CP combined with the new Asynchronous IE3/NEMA high efficiency electric motors. The in-line gear units will be first released in six different sizes: 55, 100, 200, 335, 500, 650 Nm with motor power between 0.12 and 15 kW IE3.

The Evox Platform is suitable for any application environment furtherly featured by optional C3/C4 surface protection or by ATEX rating (explosion proof protection). The Evox CP is avaiable with a reduced backlash configuration in the standard catalogue. Its lubrication concept also allows the gearmotor to be used in any mounting position. Thus the need of changing oil level and oil plugs configuration are overcoming, according to the manufacturer. The geared motors will be available both in compact and IEC flanged versions. Bonfiglioli research and development team designed the entire Evox platform to enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, both sensored and sensorless.


Source: Bonfiglioli

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