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New Flir InSite Mobile Application

New Flir InSite Mobile Application

Streamlines thermal inspection process

Flir Systems, Inc. announced the launch of Flir InSite, a new mobile application and web portal for organizing client information and thermal inspection data in one location that is easy to access, manage, and share. Ideal for electricians, electrical contractors, and thermography service professionals, the Flir InSite workflow management tool reduces inspection preparation time, increases efficiency, and helps deliver results quickly. With Flir InSite, inspection professionals deliver a better customer experience and can visually demonstrate the value of their services.

The feature-rich Flir InSite app includes a client registry for customer accounts, sites, and assets. Additionally, it helps with planning optimal inspection routes and connectivity with thermal imaging cameras and Meterlink-capable meters to immediately associate photos and data with the asset being inspected. Once the inspection is complete, the secure Flir InSite client portal enables image sharing, and inspection data and recommendations with a team, clients, or anyone subscribing to the portal. The application also organizes and stores all data for quick access to status summaries on any electrical asset.

The InSite app is available as a free download through the Apple Store and on the customers website. For more information, visit (United States) or (Global).

Source: Flir Systems, Inc.

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