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Powerful and solid: safety over IO-Link in a machining center

Powerful and solid: safety over IO-Link in a machining center

A manufacturer of high-precision machining centers and even more of their customers have already learned to appreciate the advantages of the bi-directional communication interface IO-Link. In their new MCC series the company has used Safety over IO-Link to integrate safety into the overall concept of IO-Link. This makes the processes simpler, more efficient, cost-effective and of course safer.

With its blue, gray and black painted cladding and ca. 8 x 3 m, 3.5 m high MCC 630 simply radiates elegance and power. You get the feeling of solid performance, precision and reliability behind the compact dimensions. Not visible is the fact that this is a new model of series production machine with a complete set of possible uses. Nor is it obvious that behind the
facade of this machining center is a modern control and safety concept from Balluff based on the digital IO-Link standard. With Safety over IO-Link from Balluff the system has the world’s first simple to install and easy to retrofit IO-Link safety system on-board. The advantage: Both Balluff safety components as well as safety devices from other manufacturers can be easily connected to the newly developed Balluff safe I/O module using M12 standard cable. Even standard components such as binary sensors can be bundled via the new safety I/O module. This also eliminates the need for a separate hub. Now the prerequisites for fully transparent configuration and diagnostics solutions, flexible and safe machine operation, as well as innovative Industry 4.0 concepts are provided.

Flexible, fully digitized 5-axis machining centers

Burkhardt+Weber (BW) has since 2012 been part of Indústrias Romi S.A., the largest machine tool builder in Brazil. With around 250 employees BW is today an international manufacturer of machining centers for complex steel, cast and titanium parts of the highest quality. Notable among their customers in addition to those in the machine tool sector are many in the aerospace and diesel motor industry. Whether stand-alone or as part of an interlinked production system, the series MCC 630 and MCC 800 flexible, fully digitized 5-axis machining centers process workpieces efficiently and ready-to-install with just a few setups. In general it is the large motor or transmission parts that demand a number of various milling, drilling, turning and measurement cycles.

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Source: Balluff

Picture: Burckhardt + Weber

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