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Production of German laser systems declining in 2019

Production of German laser systems declining in 2019

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were indications of cooling in the laser industry. According to figures issued by the VDMA Working Committee “Lasers and Laser Systems for Material Processing”, both production and incoming orders dropped by about 18 per cent in 2019.

The production of CO2, solid-state, and diode laser systems in Germany dropped in 2019 by nearly 18 per cent under its previous year’s level. Its volume shrank from EUR 1.06 billion to EUR 870 million. Orders suffered a clear 19 per cent loss. The 2019 figures totalled a volume of EUR 1.05 billion. In particular, domestic orders slumped by a third. Although dropping by 16 per cent to about EUR 900 million, the orders from abroad nevertheless remained relatively stable, but are feeling the brunt of the ailing global economy, the structural transformation in the automotive industry, and politically motivated upheavals.

The year 2019 saw a collapse in the exports of Germany’s laser systems manufacturers. Whereas, in 2018, laser systems totalling EUR 950 million were exported, this value dropped by 18 per cent to EUR 782 million. Claiming just under 61 per cent, Europe defended its title of largest market, followed by China with 14 per cent. Japan, the USA, and others represent the remaining quarter of exports.


Source: VDMA

Picture Source: Abobe Stock, Kalinovsky Dmitry

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