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Safe Compounds for Breath Masks

Safe Compounds for Breath Masks

Breath masks are a hot topic right now. Thus Actega DS have alternative compounds for the manufacture of valves and the surrounding sealing lips of FFP masks. These translucent TPE compounds names Provamed 3150, 3160 and 3170 TL TPE are according to manufacturer’s statement distinguished by their particular compatibility with skin, good sealing properties, and flexibility accompanied by their media resistance.

In the manufacture of these masks, often in a dual-component process, a particular adhesion is required on the part of the hard component – often made of PP – with the resilient component made of TPE. The TPE produced by Actega DS can guarantee such bonding.

Masks with connectors and respiratory tubes are used in the area of emergency care. Often made from PVC, the tube needs to be firmly adhered to the mask. Provamed 1345 TP and Provamed 1360 TP have the potential to be bonded to PVC using standard MEK and THF solvents. These TPE can be sterilized by means of Gamma radiation or ETO gas without impairing their material properties and display perfect adhesion, particularly to polystyrene, ABS, and PVC.

Provamed TPE fulfilled the general medical requirements like avoiding interactions between tube material and pharmaceutical or endogenous sustances; biocompability of the material in accordance with ISO 10993 or its sterilizability using standard methods, transparency, and resistance to beding.



Source: Actega DS

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