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Temperature Monitoring Relays Offer More Functions

Temperature Monitoring Relays Offer More Functions

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has transformed the temperature monitoring relays from its Sirius portfolio. The new series 3RS2 devices are available in analog and digital versions. They use sensors to measure the temperature of gases, liquids and solids in industrial and infrastructure installations. Compared to the predecessor models, they feature expanded functionalities, a narrower design, and easier operability.

Measuring only 22.5 millimeters wide, the Sirius 3RS26 digital devices are parameterized via an intuitive LCD display and can be connected to a sensor that evaluates whether the temperature is above or below a certain value or within a specific operating range (window function). A SIL1-certified infrared communications interface makes it possible to wirelessly add two resistance sensors and one analog input. As a result, they can also monitor large, three-phase motors and transformers.

The integrated LCD display provides new functionalities, such as an energy-saving mode (ecoMode) and improved calibration capabilities. If values exceed or drop below limit temperatures, the plant concerned is automatically shut down. Variants are available for one sensor, two threshold values, and all common resistance sensors and thermocouples. The devices can be reset manually, by remote access, and automatically. A memory function ensures that the last device state is stored and recovered in the event of a blackout.




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