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WIN Eurasia: bringing integrated solutions

WIN Eurasia: bringing integrated solutions

The Tüyap Fair and Convention Center in Istanbul will be a very busy place from 16th to 19th of March 2017, as experts and professionals from the industrial sector will gather to attend the trade fair, WIN Eurasia. This international event focuses on latest technology in areas of automation, electro-tech, hydraulics, pneumatics and intralogistics.

Istanbul is at the centre of an economic area known as ‘Eurasia’. The proximity to the Balkans and the rest of Europe as well as to the emerging markets in Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa creates unique business opportunities. The presence and consistent growth of numerous global firms consolidates its position as a dominant investment location and export platform. Turkey is the leading investor in the Caucasian and Central Asian Republics. Due to the strong cultural and historic ties, Turkey provides privileged access and a perfect base to develop business with these countries. It is an important market for global business to reach over one billion consumers. And as the economic capital of Turkey, Istanbul is the natural location for an international industrial trade event like ‘WIN Eurasia Automation’. This trade fair represents a real-time, interactive environment bringing together the supply and demand of Turkey’s manufacturing industry.

WIN Eurasia: bringing integrated solutions

Most influential industrial trade event in Eurasia

Motion, drive and automation are the three keywords of the trade fair, to be held from 16th to 19th March in Istanbul, Turkey. A large number of Turkish as well as German along with other European and Eurasian companies will participate in the event, which is now to become the most important and influential industrial trade event in the region. With more and more number of European companies taking part in this event every year, it aims to increase the knowledge of latest trends and technology among Turkish operators who are always keen on innovation. The trade fair also encourages the gradual development of industrial and commercial cooperation between European companies and local Turkish companies. The fair will take place at the Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Centre in Istanbul, where the exhibitors with high level of technical expertise from various sector will be able to show the best of technology and innovation to the visitors and industry professionals.
As the most influential industrial trade event in the Eurasian region, WIN Eurasia is expected to attract approximately 70,000 visitors and industry experts from all parts of Turkey. In Istanbul, visitors shall have an advantage of being able to attend four different trade shows, namely Otomasyon Eurasia, Electrotech Eurasia, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Eurasia and CeMAT Eurasia. This event provides complete solutions for manufacturing industry, focusing mainly on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial IT and digitalization of manufacturing. With more than 1500 exhibitors showcasing their products and intelligent technologies within a display area of 30,000 m2, the show attracts exhibitors not only from Turkey but 25 other countries, including Germany, Italy, USA, China, UK, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Sweden and the Netherlands. Exhibitors have the opportunity to introduce their innovations to visitors from Middle East, Europe, Africa, CIS countries besides Turkey, Bulgaria, Cameroon, India, Romania and Uzbekistan.
Of all the marketing instruments, international trade fairs and especially WIN Eurasia, has the widest range of business functions. It serves  as an opportunity to develop and the cultivate customer relations, it helps in identifying new local partners, distributors, suppliers and competent personnel from the relevant industry sector and it helps to increase the company’s market presence and position as a whole. With so much of technological developments taking place in Germany, particularly with increasing digitalization and whole Industry 4.0 revolution, this event serves as a test in the Eurasian market for new integrated and digitalized products and hence also functions as market research instrument for innovative companies. In order to reach the right target audience, WIN Eurasia provides exclusive sponsorship opportunities to widen the market and brand exposure of partner companies. This Trade fair serves to analyze the market situation and to prepare the ground for implementing market strategies, resulting in increasing the sales. For new companies in particular it is important to gain an overview of competitors, their performance, products and after-sales services. Often a visit to an international trade fair like WIN Eurasia Automation is all that is needed at an early stage of entering a market.

4 different trade fairs under one roof

WIN Eurasia Automation provides many solutions required for a factory under a single roof, from cables to fluid power technologies, drive technologies to software products, robotic arms to unmanned forklifts. With 4 different trade fairs under one roof, at WIN Eurasia Automation visitors will be able to see that, Istanbul is the pioneer for the Eurasian countries in terms of advanced manufacturing, digitalization and Industry 4.0 technology.
Otomasyon Eurasia: The importance of globalization and productivity is an ever increasing and urgent demand in today’s world and that can only be supplied by Industrial Automation. Otomasyon Eurasia focuses on automation of factories, processes, operations and industrial buildings. Exhibitors will showcase their quality products and services, innovations, components and robotic applications of Industry 4.0. Product category at Otomasyon Eurasia includes: Assembly & handling systems, linear positioning systems, communication, networks, and field bus systems, control systems, embedded systems, Industrial building automation systems, industrial IT & software.
Electrotech Eurasia: By 2023, Turkey is planning to increase its energy generation capacity from around 40,000 MW to nearly 100,000 MW. To stimulate the level of investment from the private sector in energy generation capacity and distribution infrastructure, the Turkish government is making requisite investment to the tunes of tens of billions of dollars. These huge sums of investment testify to the enormous scale of Turkey’s commitment to expand and future-proof its energy sector. Companies wanting to participate in Turkey’s journey to a modern, diversified energy industry will find the perfect platform for presenting their technologies in Istanbul – at ‘Electrotech Eurasia’. Product category at the trade fair includes: Cables & equipment for electric power transmission, electric and electronic test and measuring equipment, electric motors & frequency inverters, motor drives, electric switchgear and equipment for electric power distribution, electronic and opto-electronic components, gears, mechanical drive systems, transformers, accumulators, uninterruptable power supplies and generators, grid management and power quality monitoring systems.
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Eurasia: The hydraulic and pneumatic systems are among one of the most essential systems for engineers, thanks to the advantages and increasing number of product range they offer. The Hydraulic & Pneumatic Eurasia is getting ready to present outstanding innovations in this field for industry professionals. In addition to this, also on display will be the Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology, for the first time during WIN Eurasia Automation. Product category at ‘Hydraulic & Pneumatic Eurasia’ includes: Hydraulic pumps, motors, gear pumps and gear motors, hydraulic variable speed drive units, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and actuators, control valves and pressure switches, pipes and hoses, filters for lubrication systems, compressors  and compressed air preparation equipment.
CeMAT Eurasia: Today, increasing needs of the industrial society lead to a huge demand for solutions in areas of transport, handling and storage. Exhibitors from around the world present innovative logistics systems, cranes and forklift trucks, packaging technologies, shelving systems, logistics IT and electronic in intralogistics sector at CeMAT Eurasia.

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Source: Deutsche Messe AG

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